Managing a garden with a few shrubs and a vegetable patch is one thing, but the upkeep on an extensive lawn can be time-consuming and costly. Needing to maintain the lawn, resolve problems with it, and mow and edge it regularly to keep it looking attractive can be seen as a chore by many home owners.

There is the issue of needing a lawn mover with a dry place to store it when it is not in use. Don’t forget the edger to make the side of the lawn look attractive too. Either gas or electric lawn mowers will cut the lawn well enough, but they can be expensive to run over time and you need to stay fit enough to walk up and down on the uneven earth to actually mow the lawn. With the uncertain weather conditions in the UK, finding a stretch where the weather has been consistent enough to be able to go outside to mow the law isn’t always easy either.

We can easily maintain your garden or grounds as part of a contract or simply a one off