Block Paving

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What Is Block Paving?

Block paving is a method of using individual blocks laid down on the ground to create a driveway, a pathway through a garden, a patio, or other creative outdoor flooring solution.

The bricks or blocks come in different thickness levels from 50mm right up to 100mm or greater for commercial applications like ports and freight yards flooring.

Different types of materials are used for paving blocks. Moulded concrete block paving is a popular form of block paving which comes in a variety of forms, textures, colours, and designs. Some concrete blocks use face mix technology where only the top surface has the block design and below it is a less expensive base mix. This helps to reduce the cost of the block paving without sacrificing any of the attractiveness.

Kiln-fired clay bricks are also popular and are often made by the same companies that produce house bricks. Their colouring is natural, rather than created through a dye colouring process, but this does restrict the colour choices available.

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In many cases, concrete block paving is preferred over clay brick paving because clay bricks are not as easy to cut to fit angles and corners properly.

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Benefits of Block Paving

Block paving has become a good choice for homeowners in recent years because it creates a uniform flooring solution in outdoor locations. The blocks are usually interchangeable with other replacement blocks. Spare blocks can be retained and used as a quick replacement years later if a block becomes damaged or worn through natural wear over time.

A custom-made outdoor flooring solution lacks the block interchangeability feature, so one broken brick in a custom design can be difficult to replace years later.

This type of paving can be used in elaborate outdoor floor designs for a comfortable patio environment, as stepping stones through the lawn to the rear of the garden, and as a path along the edges of the garden to make it easier to tend the live plants that surround the grassy area.

Putting It All Together

A perfect landscaped garden, whether in the front or the rear of the property, is all about bringing together different elements into a complete whole.

The front area of the property should be welcoming to new visitors and when returning home weary from another busy day.

The rear of the property should be an oasis from the world outside. A special place all its own with some attractive walkways, a grass surface that is far more manageable, and an efficiency in design. This way, the home owner can enjoy the garden when winding down in the evening or over the weekend. To contemplate, breathe in the cool evening air, gaze up at the stars, and finally be able to truly relax.

Alton Landscapes have over 20 years’ experience creating beautiful, landscaped gardens and will make an excellent partner to apply the finishing touches to the outdoor area of any home.