When it comes to landscaping projects, it is important to choose attractive landscaping material that suits the surrounding. Sandstone is among the best and the most popular landscaping stone that appeal to many people due to its durability and versatility. If you are planning to undertake a landscaping project in the future, here are more reasons for picking sandstone as your preferred landscaping material.

Unlike most materials, sandstone is rustic and less affected by weather conditions. For instance, sandstone feels cool underfoot even during summer while it seems to radiate warmth in the cold winters.

Sandstone provides an excellent seal to the patio, driveway or pathways reducing destruction arising from corrosion. Additionally, sandstone is resistant to moisture and is less likely to react with other elements and therefore, it requires less maintenance practices.

Sandstone usually retains its natural colour unlike most rocks that change appearance after constant exposure to heavy traffic or unfavourable weather conditions.

Different from the common artificial landscaping materials, sandstone pavers are quite easy to install or replace in case a few get damaged. The maintenance process requires less labour and a little cement to stick the beautiful stones back to the surface.

Sandstone is available in diverse colours and patterns hence allowing a person to select the one that suits the existing theme or the preferred décor.

The dark brown, chocolate and auburn-coloured sandstones usually have high content of iron oxide and therefore, any unwanted marks or stains are usually not visible. Besides, the popular yellow sandstone has high resistance to salts and acidity. The yellow sandstone is thus suitable for coastal areas that are prone to salty breezes or acid rain.

Due to availability in broad range of sizes forms, shapes and patterns, sandstone suits numerous residential and commercial applications. The weathering-resistant sandstone is also non-slippery, firm and durable. With all these advantages, sandstone remains an excellent landscaping material.

Indian Sandstone Colours