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Artificial grass is most often seen used on football pitches, five-a-side indoor pitches, the grounds near commercial buildings, and increasingly in home owners’ gardens.

Astro Turf was originally created by Monsanto, the agricultural company in the United States. Later, different versions of artificial grass became available from other manufacturers as the idea took off. Now there are several products available in the UK like Astro Turf, Synthetic Grass Pro, and others which look a lot like actual grass.

Many of the artificial grass products are actually made of a textured nylon or plastic which has the appearance of real grass, but without all the associated headaches of dealing with it every weekend.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Creating or replacing the lawn area of a garden with artificial grass is a cost saver over time because the lawn mower can be sold, the clippers or electric edger equipment can also be disposed of, and fuel or electricity is no longer needed to mow the lawn every weekend. This cost saving really adds up over the decades of home ownership. Let’s face it, it’s also safer to not need to use a lawn mover that has sharp rotating blades too.

The low maintenance aspect of artificial grass is often seen as one of the main benefits. Imagine a lawn that never needs watering (no more worries when a watering ban is on), no weeding necessary, and pet friendly too. The reduced water bill will also be a blessing that keeps on giving.

No muddy lawn to walk over when it’s been raining excessively for a week. Gain access to your garden area when the weather clears, without the need to stay on the patio or to wear Wellington Boots to protect the feet. And, best of all, no more hay-fever symptoms when hanging out in the garden on a lazy Sunday afternoon!