Why you should use a professional to add decking to your garden

We’re not always lucky enough to enjoy great weather all year round in the UK, but that’s no reason to not step out in the rear garden area when weather permits. Whilst occasional showers and downpours do happen, there are plenty of excellent alternatives to trying to navigate a muddy path through a garden that lacks stepping stones, a patio or some attractive decking.


Outdoor Living Is Becoming More Popular

Outdoor living is all the rage. Regardless of the size of the home indoor environment, being able to get out into nature whilst still being on your own property is quite simply a pleasant experience. There’s no dealing with random people in the park while trying to relax, the seating can be modelled to your own design with comfy cushions (unlike the uncomfortable hardwood park benches in the park), and you won’t get caught out by the occasional, unexpected shower either.

Garden, Decking or Patio?

When thinking about the rear garden, the choice arises whether to leave the rear garden and shrubbery in place, add a patio or put in a modern deck.

The choice is not always a straightforward one, because each one has their advantages. However, it doesn’t have to be an either or kind of situation because a well designed deck or a patio arrangement can still leave plenty of room for the garden area. With the garden lawn, it is possible to move away from grass and use Astroturf which doesn’t cause hay-fever problems, doesn’t need cutting or trimming, or need expensive equipment to maintain either. It will also look rather nice with a decking design and fitting.


Advantages of a Deck

The main difference between a deck and a patio is that the deck is built in a raised, above ground level, position with walkways going up to it and down from it whereas a patio is created only at ground level.

A deck is a good idea, particularly for people who prefer a raised view when enjoying the garden area where they can look down at their garden from an elevated perspective. A sloped rear garden will be a problem when putting in a patio which will come out uneven, whereas with a deck, this can be built to accentuate the undulating nature of the rear garden, rather than suffer in spite of it.

There are other situations where a home has a foundation that positions the home off the ground with a deep, higher foundation that requires steps to walk back down to the ground level. In such situations, a rear deck can be designed to match the height level of the rear doors or patio doors, and then flow from there. Decks can be built using that same exit level as a starting point or built up with steps to achieve a far more elevated view with more free space for patio furniture, a standing BBQ, and other useful amenities.


First Thoughts About a Deck for the Rear Garden

It is a good idea to consider the purpose of the deck when first thinking about it. Is it going to be a place to entertain guests outside of the living room or dining room? Will it be an eating and cooking place with a full dining area and a place to cook up some sumptuous barbecue meats, vegetables, and other mouthwatering entrées? If the latter is the case, then it will be necessary to have a design that encompasses a large, flat deck to provide space for a dining area, a cooking area, and a place for guests to mill around without feeling hemmed in.

Alternatively, is the deck intended to act as a second office to take advantage of delightful summer days and a fresh air environment? If this is the case, then  a smaller area will be needed as a work environment. Possibly, some short-term cover arrangements (a patio umbrella, perhaps?) can be considered to avoid expensive computer equipment getting caught in the occasional, sporadic rain shower. It will also be a nice idea to have other levels on the deck where guests can sit and relax while enjoying the outdoors and not disturbing the knowledge worker if they’re trying to get a few things done on the computer on a Saturday afternoon. In this case, a multi-level decking design concept is most likely going to be a better idea than a single-level design concept.


Advantages of Hiring a Professional Decking Specialist

A professional decking specialist will have a good understanding of the potential varied needs of each homeowner. They will ask the right questions to helpfully determine which design concept will suit the homeowner the best. After all, having a single-level deck created when a multi-level one would have been a better idea is going to be an expensive mistake. Therefore, a professional begins first with the goals of the deck and how the homeowner envisages it will be used, in order to begin to sketch out some decking concepts for review and approval.

The proper quality materials, protected from the elements, and put together as a functional deck takes knowledge, experience, patience and skill. This is something that is acquired over many years of producing different types of decks and landscaped gardens for homeowners. Each deck is unique, because every garden is a different shape and size, and each homeowner has a different goal in mind for their deck requiring a bespoke solution.

Alton Landscapes have years of experience designing and fitting quality decks that its customers now enjoy on a regular basis. Many of their finished designs can be seen in photographs taken when each project was completed, which gives a clear idea of the professionalism of their decking service. A quality deck can also add considerably to the value of a home at resale and its attractiveness during a showing when a home is up for sale too.

Whilst we never quite know when we plan to move next, it is a nice to know that an investment in an attractive deck can stand the test of time. With the use of the appropriate materials, sturdy construction, and appropriate aftercare, a fitted deck can be enjoyed for many years to come.