An outdoor play area will provide a lifetime of fun

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One thing about big kids (the men in the household) or actual kids at home, is that they all just love to play. Whether it is a Lego set for retro gamers, the latest mobile game for true portability, a classic board game, or an outdoor play area on home turf, all these have their place for the home.

Front Garden Not A Good Place To Play

The front garden is not a good place for play, because the football will tend to get kicked over the front fence or wall and right into the road. This leads kids to enthusiastically run out into the road without sufficient thought about what cars or bicycles may be already on the road. Eeek!

For everyone’s safety, it is best to keep playtime in the back garden area where it belongs. This also avoids much of the need for parents to keep an ever watchful eye on their kids 24/7, where they can be left somewhat to their own devices to run around the rear garden, safe in the knowledge that it is an enclosed space away from potential dangers.

Outdoor Play Areas Come with Different Surfaces

It may be pretty typical to buy a home and find it has grass growing in the back garden (hopefully it won’t be overgrown). For many homeowners, grass is just something they accept as a normal thing that needs to be cut, the edges trimmed off, and sometimes even replanted or watered to deal with dry spells or extreme heat. It doesn’t often occur to the homeowner to replace the grass with something else.

Astro turf is a good alternative surface for the rear garden. It is no longer only the preserve of football fields. This type of grass alternative is cleaner, doesn’t get muddy (saves on water, detergent, and electricity from fewer washing cycles from the kids’ muddy clothing after play time!), and the grass looks just as good.

It is easy enough to have the lawn pulled up, and Astroturf professionally-fitted to replace it. For homeowners who have hired some to help make the transformation, few of them find that they miss the lawn they used to have, and many homeowners discover that they prefer their new, neater garden.

Football Fans Love Astro turf / Artificial grass

For any young football fans in the home, the introduction of Astroturf can be a delight. Add a small football goal at the end of the rear garden, which adds to the competitiveness of impromptu football matches when friends come over, and the kids will be sold on the new lawn too.

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Landscaped Gardens Create Separate Play Zones

A properly landscaped garden can make it easier to develop play zones that the kids can enjoy and get away from the grown ups at the same time, which we all know they love to do. There can be areas where the garden is fully flourishing with new tiny crops of vegetables and fruits delivering goodness to the evening plate, safe walking areas, and separate parts of the garden for the kids to enjoy their little bit of that aforementioned parental separation.

Raised Decking is a Great Way To Keep An Eye on the Kids From Afar

A patio is certainly one option for a rear garden area. It is flat, sits at the ground level, but it doesn’t afford a clear view of what the kids, and their friends, are getting up to at the end of the garden. Often those little fights break out over territory and who is right, with the need for parents to jump in quickly to break things up before little hearts are broken, seemingly forever, or, at least, until the next play time…

A raised decking can have several levels built into it, with steps rising up from one deck level to the next, on a multi-level decking system. Ultimately, a deck can only run so high to be acceptable, however it can certainly provide a much clearer, unobstructed view of what is going on with the little ones.

For the grown ups, a separation between the kids is something of a guilty pleasure. Time to relax and decompress from their constant need for attention or to be looked over, or simply to grab a few minutes to take care of some important finances or take time to reconnect by calling a friend.

Outdoor Play Areas Can Be Less Expensive

One of the things that parents will tell you is that kids have a rabid attention and when going out, they can set their sights on many things that they “must have now”.

Taking the kids to the park can entail having toys to take along, bringing some drinks with a cooler in the car or buying drinks en route, the occasional ice cream, and more. Every trip out with the kids to find an outdoor play area comes with additional costs which really begin to add up the more outdoor time they feel they need.

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In contrast, setting up a fun outdoor environment at home is a controlled setting that can be made safe from sharp corners and other objects that could hurt them when they’re not paying attention, because they’re really only focused on playing and nothing else.

No one is in the garden who shouldn’t be. This is something that cannot be said for all recreation areas these days, where parents cannot afford to take their eyes of their kids for even a second, sadly.

Little treats from the fridge-freezer can be planned and purchased ahead of time without needing to schlep everything around on every trip out. Inexpensive ice lollies and kid-size fizzy drinks can add to the fun, without hurting the purse strings at the same time.

Do You Have a Garden That Needs a Play Area?

Not every garden is set up to provide a play area for the children. It often comes as an afterthought, if it was a thought at all when the garden was designed and created.

Alton Landscapes can completely change a garden area to provide a playful environment for the kids and an oasis of peace for the overworked adults. When being cooped up in an office all week breathing recirculated air, isn’t it time to make the most of the outdoor space that your home has, so it can be truly enjoyed?